Technical’s corner

These pages are dedicated to my architect,network and system peers!

Schema’s architecture


All software/access use the same and unique protocol : https

Through Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer can be used to reach SharePoint web sites and Project Server Web Access.

Through Microsoft Project

You can use your own Project Pro to reach Project Server if you want.

Through Remote Desktop

You can also access resources through our desktop hosted in our cloud. We publish Internet Explorer and Microsoft Project. We offer both a full desktop, and also as transparent applications. This allow to integrate application on your desktop as any other. We do use RDP Gateway from Microsoft, enabling only https flow between you and our platform.


From outside, we use a public certificate from Godaddy. For specific needs, we also have our own PKI.

Access through corporate proxy/firewall

As we only use https, going through a proxy is not an issue. If you have web filtering, just check that you don’t block * You just need your proxy to do integrated authentication.

Prerequisite for remote desktop

We use the latest technology from Microsoft. If your workstation is using Windows XP or Vista, check that you have these updates from Microsoft:
  • Client RDP V7 (mandatory) : KB969084
  • Internet Explorer 8 (recommended) : Microsoft
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